Your Tattoo Removal Experience

Scheduling an Appointment

Simply call 706-235-5203 and speak to one of our staff. Briefly describe what you are interested in having done and your complimentary appointment will be scheduled.

The Consultation

Regrettable Ink is located inside the office of Horizons Plastic Surgery. You will receive all of the rights and protection of your confidentiality that all of Dr. Wetherington’s surgical patients do. After filling out a few forms, you will be evaluated. Every tattoo is unique and a customized plan will be explained to you. Risks and complications will be candidly discussed. You will receive pricing information.

The key to having a satisfied patient is setting realistic expectations from the beginning. If a tattoo is going to take 6 to 10 treatments to remove, and treatments are spread out over 6 to 8 weeks, more than a year will pass before the tattoo will be removed. Some tattoos are more challenging than others to remove. It is also important to know that the success of the tattoo removal also depends on your compliance with post-treatment instructions.

You will have ample opportunity to ask questions.

Scheduling Your Treatment

You may either schedule your first treatment at the time of your consultation or you may call us back to set up a date.

Preparing for Your Removal Session

Here are some general tips to help you prepare:

  • If applicable, don’t wear clothing that covers the tattoo (such as long sleeves). If your tattoo is located on your back, thigh, or in another area where clothing is necessary, wear something loose fitting.
  • Make sure the site is clean. Wash it before you arrive for treatment. Do not apply any fragrances, makeup, or lotion to the tattoo or the surrounding area.
  • Arrange for someone to come with you who can drive you home after the treatment.
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